Both an agricultural and fishing village, Conil is a thriving vacation port for nature lovers and those seeking the kind of thrill that only the sea and rugged coastlines offer.

Paragliding, windsurfing, cliffhanging and climbing, horseback riding, are but few of the delights that await you.

Pottery and basket weaving (woven from palm trees ) have become important industries in Conil. The creative use of different types of clay, including a mixture of black and white , make decorative utensils and house adornments.

The town of Conil, just like the rest of Andalucian towns, suffered devastation during the French occupation. The town was totally ruined and its people displaced.

Sancho IV gave the town of Conil to Alonso Perez de Guzman, as a donation, in exchange for a cartel on tuna fishing. This led to an economic boom which drove the Duke of Medina to separate Conil from Vejer. As an independent town, greater expansion was made possible. Today, the town remains to be one of the most developed in Andalucia.

Pinares de Roche and Colorado are idyllic sites for trekking, hiking or simply walking, as you savour the wonders of nature in its very peaceful state.

Fuente de Gallo and Fontanilla are beaches with rugged features. Cliffs with massive boulders adorn the coastlines and its rough edges give these beaches their unspoiled charm.

Exotic varieties of plants, flowers and shrubs adorn the path that connects the town to the port. Perfect in creating a relaxing mood, chamomile, variety of wild orchids, even rosemary blooms can be found everywhere.

Take a walk along nature trails among lush vegetation and exotic flowers…mingle with the bees and the butterflies.

Conil gives you access to several nature parks in the province of Cadiz: the Sierra de Grazalema, De la Breña and Bahia Barbate and Los Alcornocales.

Breathe in the cool air and feast your eyes on the scenery of Conil as you traverse the rest of the town thru Pueblos Blancos, a route that affords you the chance to admire the white villages.

Take the trip to all heritage sites…Dine with a glass of sherry at Jerez…

Finish the day with a trip to where the best horses are and you will find your trip to this Andalucian town truly amazing.

About 14 kilometers in length, the coastline of Conil is one of the best in Andalucia. Inlets and coves are strewn sporadically at sea like glittering diamonds. The water is clear, one can mirror the underworld beauty that has been denied from other beaches of the world. Totally in its pristine state, the beaches of Conil are its best attractions.

Some of the best beaches: Castinovo, Los Bateles, Fuente del Gallo, El Puerco, La Fontanilla, El Roqueo The Coves: Camacho, Los Pitones, El Aceite, El Frailecillo, La Encendia, Melchor.

El Colorado at Conil de la Frontera is the site of Spring Fairs. It is a town festival with lots of food and excitement. Both the locals and tourists can sample all the delicacies, given free, by those who make them. This is a sort of thanksgiving.

Other diary dates: January - Feast of San Sebastian, May - Carnival, Easter Week, Procession of the Cross, June - Colorado Spring Festival (Horse Festical), Hoqueras de San Juan, TUNA Week, April - Procession of the Virgen of Carmen, September - Feast of Nuestra Senora de las Virtudes.