El Puerto de Santa Maria

El Puerto de Santa Maria

Beaches in El Puerto de Santa Maria are nothing short of magnificent. In fact, this town owes its beaches gratitude for the influx of tourists. Considered as one of the main attractions in Andalucia.

This is every traveller’s dream and in El Puerto de Santa Maria, the dream happens every time.

El Puerto de Santa Maria is located on the coast facing the Atlantic Ocean on Cadiz Bay. Its lush natural surroundings is largely attributed to its strategic location in the middle of Bahia de Cadiz Natural Park. Municipalities of Jerez de la Frontera, Puerto Real, and Rota are close boundaries.

Industrial buildings line the streets as well as run-down garages and buildings. Keep up with the challenge. Move towards the centre of the town and you will find yourself under a canopy of orange trees that adorn the streets. Iron gates with elaborate designs and cobbled walks will further usher you deeper into the recesses of this lovely town. And there at the backdrop, the beaches await.

Since it is located in the middle of natural reserve park, El Puerto de Santa Maria is a sweeping scenery of lush vegetation. The government has ensured its protection by installing guards to patrol the area. Even its beaches are maintained on frequent basis.

Before setting his sights on the Americas, Christopher Columbus took his refuge here.

Felipe V, an 18th century monarch chose this unruffled land of pines as a summer getaway.

El Puerto de Santa Maria owes its heritage to Menestheo, the Athenian warrior who built the town followed by the Romans, and the Arabs. Traces of Palaeolithic era, however, were discovered in remains where settlements were built in the 16th century. Many old buildings strewn across the town today are reminiscent of this past. With its coastline covering more than 20km, El Puerto de Santa Maria is defined by its beaches. But this 156 square km stretch of land is also composed of low-lying areas with lush vegetation and hills.

There is a sharp contrast of interests that never fail to lure tourists to visit El Puerto de Santa Maria. While its beaches vibrate peace and quiet, its bullfight arenas draw fun and excitement. Tourism is always active in this town but its wine industry is never far behind.

Wine cellars are found everywhere and some of the best wines in Spain have their origin here. The town plays host to motorcycle events, too.

Easter in this Catholic town is celebrated with pomp and merriment. Unlike its Western counterparts, Easter at El Puerto de Santa Maria is not defined by the simple joys of finding coloured eggs but drinking sprees… of wine.

Feria del Vino Fino is usually celebrated here a week after Easter. The town is transformed into a huge beer garden where everyone drinks, not beer, but “Fino”, the town’s favourite sherry wine. Smooth and white in colour, it can be also be mixed with lemons to create a blend of sweet-tangy drink commonly known as “rebujito”

The wine is for grown-ups, fair grounds (“feria”) are for the kids.

Nostalgia is felt in the air as men and women clad in flamenco costumes dance to the beat. Parade of horses is one of the festival’s highlights.

El Puerto de Santa Maria is a natural reserve with two major parks: Parque Natural Bahia de Cadiz, a lush forest of pine trees is a wildlife sanctuary, and Compleiio Endorreico de El Puerto de Santa Maria is a haven for fowls with its lagoons as perfect breeding grounds.

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