Puerto Real

Puerto Real

Located in the northern part of the Bay of Cádiz, South of Spain, Puerto Real prides itself in its naval trade in the Province of Cádiz which has been active since the 17th century. Today, it has earned the name, “the industrial and educational hub” of Cádiz, as schools, universities, naval commerce and shipbuilding industry, have boomed and become successful thus improving their economy. Aside from its already established ship building and repairs industry, Puerto Real experiences an upbeat economy in its wine produce, oils and salt.

Puerto Real today, is becoming a landmark for all kinds of artists. It plays host to various films and theatre competitions, and with its Olympic-size swimming pools, equally huge sports arena attracts sports aficionados. Creating a soft blend among commerce, sports and the arts, this town of natural landscapes and reserves is every traveller’s must-see destination.

Christians found haven in this village by the bay as early as the 14th century, but recent excavations proved that the village was already inhabited during the pre-historic era. Catholic monarchs, Ferdinand II and Isabel authored the founding of this village by the bay as a “real port” in 1483. Vested with all the privileges to operate as a port, naval commerce started to flourish. Monarchs and their families started to build grand houses along the bay.

The years that followed weren’t as glorious. War, civil unrest and deadly diseases troubled the world and Puerto Real wasn’t spared. The French Revolution and the “yellow fever” plague almost toppled it to the ground. It was a gloomy period but through it all, the spirit of its people was to recapture its lost glory and they triumphed. By the middle of the 18th century, Puerto Real became an important sea port and its shipbuilding industry caught momentum. It was ready to meet the challenges of the times ahead.

In a town where religious faith takes precedence in people’s lives, it is not surprising to know that this town’s community calendar is an array of religious festivities. Yearly celebrations kick-off in February with the Feast for the Lady of Lourdes. The town carnival follows in March and the whole town takes on a sombre mood when the Holy Week (Semana Santa) starts.

After Easter, the town entertains itself with fair grounds (Feria de la Primavera) The Feast of Corpus Christi (Festividad del Corpus Christi) follows in June. The Feast of the Lady of Carmen (Festividad de Ntra. Sra. Del Carmen) is celebrated in July.

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